Theban Citizen’s Plight (Armand Gozali)

Mighty King Oedipus,
Do you remember me? It is I, Aetos the herdsman! I was one of your
loudest supporters during your marriage with lovely Queen Jocasta. Oh, those
were better times. But this letter is not one of nostalgia, rather it is a letter
addressing the problems of the present.
This famine, this curse throughout the land, has nearly broken beloved
Thebes asunder. It has left hundreds of us citizens hungry, and even more of us
hopeless. The fields run dry, and the grain that fill our stomachs wither and die as
each day passes. The prices in the market have soared beyond reach for the most
of us peasants. Even the merchants themselves hesitate to sell us any food no
matter how much money we offer them as they fear running out of food to feed
their own families. Without vegetables and fruits to feed our children, they grow
with lack of nutrition.
With the withering number of crops available comes the death of many of
our cattle. I, myself, am a herdsman, sir. How in the name of the gods do I provide
for my family if I do not even have the supplies to support the livestock I have
raised for a long time?
As you, my dear king, would know, the majority of us compose of farmers
and herdsmen, that utterly depend on this industry to survive. I know you, as our
king, have other very important concerns to deal with, but I cannot see any of
those surpassing the importance of solving this problem, this painful thorn that
affects each and every one of us directly.
This vile curse of a famine has plagued the land for far too long a time, my
king. You, who have saved us once from the evil Sphinx and her impossible riddle
that almost damned us, must have a solution! Whether it may take you to go
all the way to Mount Olympus and beg at the feet of the mighty gods, or finding
an impossible cure to this wretched curse, save us my dear king! Save us, and
immortalize your renowned fame, forever to be remembered, until our bones
turn to dust, and forever more!
Yours truly,

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