From a Brother (Kevin Ting)

Dear Sister,

I’m writing this letter to you because apparently, no one’s on my side anymore. I fear for my life. Your husband is blaming me for a crime I have not committed. I have all the respect in the world for your husband as the king. I’ve always given him the respect he was due and I gladly made the most of my role as his side kick. However, I feel as if my life is in great danger right now. I’m your brother and I think it’s my right to tell you what I think. I think your husband’s mad. I mean CRAZY MAD. I’m not telling you this just because I’m scared that he might have me killed. I’m only telling you this because I care for you and the people and I’m afraid that your husband might do harm without meaning to. I care for you and I care for this kingdom. I respect and trust your husband and his wisdom, but I am truly afraid that this plague might never be resolved with all the finger-pointing going on.

Ever since Oedipus came and saved us from the Sphinx and married you, I’ve always had this sense of gratitude for him. However, I’ve always felt that something was wrong. I could never point it out, but the feeling would always linger. However, he was, and is, in fact a great king. He always made the right decisions and peace and prosperity ruled our land. He was a great guy and I learned a lot from him. I definitely gave him as much respect as I gave Laius, your poor, deceased man.

I tried my best to help him in finding your dead husband’s killer. I searched long and hard to find and convince the prophet, Tiresias to come here and tell us what he knows. The prophet Tiresias told me beforehand that it was Oedipus who killed your husband. However, I convinced him to go here and tell Oedipus himself, for I had no power to tell the prophet he was wrong. I never fully trusted the prophet, but something inside me told me he was right. I am merely trying to help. However, I can’t bear to be insulted by your husband. You have to talk to him.



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