A Torn Mother’s Tale (Kevin Ting)

Dear Oedipus,

I write this letter to tell you everything. For it is only through this letter that I can tell you all the things you have to know. I cannot bear the pain to see you in person. I cannot let see nor let you see the sorrow in our eyes. This is all I can give you.

I am very, truly, deeply sorry.

I’ve loved you for so long. You always had this spark in you that made me feel so much love for you ever since the day we met, and now I realize that this love that I had for you was so strong because you are my son. Now it makes sense that my love for you as my husband and as my son seemed to add up together to make me love you so much all these years. You’re definitely a part of me. I cannot bear myself to tell you the gravity of the sin we have done so because of love. I cannot blame you or myself for a  crime we have done so without knowing. However, I cannot ever blame you for this. This is all my fault.

Your father was a good man. He was a good king. He was very down to earth and was one of his people. He was kind and caring for his people. He loved me dearly and was a fair husband. We had a great life. There were no wars nor famines. We lived in prosperity and peace when we got married. In our first year of marriage, you were born. And we saw you as a blessing from the gods, you looked like your father. However, an oracle came to us and told us of the future. The future that has happened now. It wasn’t your father who chose to give you away. It was my decision. I was afraid. We had the perfect life, and I did not want to have my son live a life committing the grave sins we have done. I felt that it was best to give you away. I felt by doing so, I can give you a life, although not extravagant and royal, peaceful and safe. And yet somehow, the gods seemed to have bitten us in the back. I guess we can never really avoid our fate. We’re just the puppets of the gods.

This pain is too much for me. The perfect world we once had has been crushed by the reality of our sins. I wish we never knew about this…I wish we never had to know.  I love you, King Oedipus, but I cannot live through this pain. I have done you so much wrong and brought upon you so much suffering. I wish we could make this right, but alas, we can’t. Goodbye Oedipus, my son.


Image taken from: http://www.google.com.ph/imglanding?q=jocasta&um=1&hl=tl&sa=N&biw=995&bih=643&tbs=isch:1&tbnid=kdKDwitais-yhM:&imgrefurl=http://www.deathdyinggriefandmourning.com/Death-Dying-Grief-Mourning/8-Sophocles,%252520Oedipus%252520The%252520King%252520Thebes-Death%252520of%252520Jocasta.htm&imgurl=http://www.deathdyinggriefandmourning.com/Death-%2526-Dying-Images%2525201-20/8-b-Oedipus-%2526-Jocasta.jpg&zoom=1&w=501&h=500&iact=hc&ei=a02oTO77DceecYqY_KIN&oei=WU2oTL3HKsPKcM6–fgM&esq=4&page=1&tbnh=152&tbnw=152&start=0&ndsp=13&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:0


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