The Splinter of the Mind’s Eye (Javison Guzman)

My beloved sons, seeds of my loin and heirs to my damned legacy, I pray that the gods grant you the grace to forgive an arrogant and foolish man, whose inexpressible transgression now precedes him. More than this however, I hope that the inescapable kismet weaved for you by the gods at the time of your birth be bright, devoid of all tribulation and nebulousness.
O, head strong Eteocles and unyielding Polyneices, my brothers and scions, I was a fool to think that I could escape the portents uttered by the Apollo’s Oracle, and a bigger fool to have thought that I actually escaped it. I got what I deserved for trying defy the gods, not spared from Nemesis’ wrath for dismissing a divinely inspired man as a fool and a charlatan.  My sons, I bid that you stray from the crooked path I took, stray away from the path of disbelief and impiety, of arrogance and short temperedness.
Justice demands that I pay for my crimes, which though committed unknowingly merits the same harshness nonetheless, and this I fully accept. This is the reason why I must leave you boys, young men rather, and I hope that you understand your anathematized father. In my absence, I implore the two of you to look after your sisters, love them as your mother and I would have, and raise them to be stately young women in our stead. Also, I expect you two to mirror the love your mother and I have shown towards our state; treat our people with civility, give them justice and show them fairness. As for your uncle, Creon, please try to redress the grievances I have unwittingly caused him in my anger and hubris. Finally, I hope that you two, being the bearers of my tarnished name, the vessels of my ruined legacy, to find your own way in the world and redeem Cadmus’ cursed line.
Farewell my sons, I pray to the gods that my brashness, arrogance and skepticism proved to an ample warning for you, and I hope that destiny will be kind to the two of you.



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